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Removes organic bottom sludge, controls odor and prevents water pollution


It is a formulation of beneficial pond bacteria, which has been used in aquaculture ponds. They function well in fresh, brackish or salt water. The beneficial microbes in BioClean have been selected for their ability to biodegrade complex organic compounds like proteins, fats, oils, cellulose and starch.

  • These heterotrophic bacteria are generally considered to be organic sludge degraders.
  • They are mostly from the genera Bacillus and are facultative anaerobes, meaning they can function with or without oxygen.

Each gram of BioClean contains more than three billions of bacteria belong to different species and strains.

  • They carry out the hydrolysis of the complex organic molecules continuously and keep the pond water free from sludge accumulation and ammonia toxicity.
  • Therefore, it is imperative to maintain the C:N:P ratio, mechanical aeration
  • Heterotrophs in BioClean use organic carbon for cell tissue formation.

As a result, the rate of nitrification is controlled by oxidation of CBOD during the carbon cycle. As long as there is a high organic loading (CBOD) to the system, the bacteria will dominate and reduce the nitrogenous components from the pond water.

Farmers in real term have seen lot of benefits during the culture with minimal dose, especially reduction in algal froth spreads to the whole pond and in the corner, reducing the occurrence and stress in shrimp due to dinoflagellate, very effective in reducing brown and black gill. Remove the flavor and assist better texture in shrimp. Reduce the bad odor in water. Reduce the Mortality of Ammonia and nitrite shocks during the culture.


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