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Improved the health of the shrimp


To safeguard the heptopancreas to control effectively and inhibit vibrio parahaemolyticus, vibrio sp and other gram negative bacteria are associated with EMS and other pathogenic conditions. Further it is also reduces the incidence of white gut and white feaces. This product is a feed supplement which should added on a regular basis

All our products are imported and meets the highest quality standards. We have proven that our products efficacy is real and immediate. Regular use of our products have ensured low incidence of disease and also has improved the health of the shrimp.

Our dosage is based on the stocking density and product work effectively at a wide range of pH ,salinity and temperature. It requires a minimum BOD levels and basic water quality standards.


Daily in one supplementary feed add 3gms of heppro in one kg of feed.

During white fecal, Hepatopancreas infection or pale coloration feed 5gms/ kg of feed for straight 10 days in one feed.


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Shrimp disease Control

Vibrio Control


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